Note - this reference guide no longer in available in hardcopy AFTER DEC. 2003. Please do not ask for a printed copy. Out of print, not updated, and unavailable except as a pdf ebook of the 2001 edition.

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As stated, this book NOT CURRENT. It has NO UPDATES. It has a last revision or print date of 2001 with no hardcopies available after Dec. 2003. Use this book in many ways as a noncurrent version for foundation, reference, steps, procedures, source material, definitions, etc. Although not current with any changes since 2001 except for some marginal notes. You will find it a valuable study tool, guide and reference for new legal workers. They can always check web for any updates to a rule, address, procedure, etc.


Then turn to The Green Pages—Cliff's Working Notes for the Civil Litigation Secretary, Paralegal and Clerk.

DESIGN: The Green Pages supports New Secretary and Experienced Professional with general civil litigation. It has been worked on by—and designed to serve—legal secretaries, paralegals, clerks and new attorneys. It provides terms, procedures, steps, rules, sample text, tips, techniques, and lots of newly legislated information—adequately yet succinctly. Stop wasting time searching for needed information, or being kept on hold on the phone when you can have current facts right at hand. The book has been indexed for rapid use. See for yourself its extensive Index of Contents by clicking INDEX below at end.

FEATURES: You can use an outdated book as a pointer leading you to web sites for most current information. Use these pointers to update your book. This last edition has a great deal of material you will find useful as a guide, not as definitive. This last book provides a set of Appendices—including state and federal calendaring, California rules updates, USDC and Ninth Circuit updates, deposition setup chart and transcript summary guide, frequently used Bluebook citations, tables of contents and authorities instructions, driving directions, small claims procedures, more. This edition added Sample Text to help secretaries and paralegals further assist attorneys by drafting basic language for documents. It has a Details section, with info on attorney admissions, dealing with experts and consultants, fax filing, foreign terms, IME, labor commissioner, PACER, privilege log, pro hac vice applications, various proofs of service, removal of cases, timekeeping, solutions to some word-processing problems, to name but a few topics. The Legal Help section provides contact info for attorney services.

MORE: The Green Pages has a Bay Area courts section with addresses and phone numbers. Keep in mind book may not have latest or current listings, however, these you can easily find out. Federal section includes form of papers, motions, rule amendments, electronic filing, proposed changes, preparing exhibits, filing and service of documents. When the superior and municipal courts unified, The Green Pages provided a handy reference of Local Rules for superior courts in the Bay Area—condensed to the practical information needed by legal staff.

GOAL: What can this time-saver reference do for you? The goal remains the same: Information!—and to help you gain time, professionalism, money, power, efficiency, security, leisure, peace of mind, sanity--or at least that is the feedback. Our field has court and rule changes that affect your work, and many people doing legal work need to get up to speed. Use this - again, outdated - book as a helpmate. It need not have the latest to point you in right direction.
The Green Pages—Cliff's Working Notes for the Civil Litigation Secretary, Paralegal and Clerk will accelerate your progress and advancement. This still remains best information guide you will find in one source.

To glance inside, see samples here in pdf format. Read with Adobe Reader or other pdf reader, many free ones online.


GENERAL DISCLAIMER & TERMS OF USE: No legal advice intended; no responsibility assumed by us for your use of this information; not all material accurate, timely, complete or reliable; therefore act accordingly.

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