The 21st Century Do-It-Yourself Health Control Manual
Ways to Rejuvenation and Longevity
Natural Healing
Health Advances

A book designed for advanced self health and for instructing individuals in personal control over health, longevity, youthfulness and well-being
Health advances to prolong life five to 20 years
European health methods to prevent premature aging
Influences on lifespan
Reports on egg therapy, yeastmeat, food medicines
Self rejuvenation practices
Folk cures that work health miracles
Foods used for rejuvenation
Body-mind relaxation
Weight reducing
Sleep troubles cures
Vitamin therapies
Female shrinking, remedy to slow process
Male sexual potency, cure for impotency
Arthritis warning signs, proven remedy
Natural approach to elimination
Facial exercises conceal age
Air pollution's little-known side effects
Psychology of colors
Original, unusual salad recipes
Best of alkaline foods chart
Natural first aid
Universal antidote formula
Herb tea guide, non-culinary uses
Subconscious reprogramming
Et cetera

The 21st Century Do-It-Yourself Health Control Manual 

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*Vitamin therapies—facts and recommendations—specific doses that work cures— also ways vitamins in body are accidentally destroyed!
*Herb Tea Guide—21 healthful alternatives to regular tea, coffee, alcohol—tells what each herb tea is useful for—plus preparation instructions.
*19 folk cures that work—how to use them—plus incredible findings about apples, green potato, and prunes.
Included are folk cures for obesity, itchy scalp and dandruff, hair splitting, gassy bowels, prostate gland trouble.
*European health secrets to help you achieve a better level of health and prevent premature aging. Techniques from Russia, Sweden, Bulgaria, France, England, other countries.
*12 unusual salad recipes!
*Male sexual potency—known cures for impotency and how they work—plus a dietary remedy for prostate problem.
*Female shrinking, why this often happens with aging—the known remedies— also, how to slow down the loss of bone after menopause.
*Sleep troubles: ways to fall asleep for sure and sleep soundly!
*Air pollution and side effects—ways to prevent further damage to health.
*Advances in health science that promise to prolong life five to 20 years.
*Psychology of colors: subtle effects on our lives!
*Report on egg therapy, yeastmeat, food medicines, lactobacillus, hereditary influence on lifespan, etc.
*Use your subconscious to help you achieve your goals, happiness, peace of mind, health.
*Self-rejuvenation: easy practical methods to rejuvenate yourself—summary of recent discoveries.
*Charts: "Best of the Low Cholesterol Foods" and "Best of the Alkaline Foods" (and why they are critical).
*A Natural First Aid—for 32 ailments!... sunburn, bruises, hiccup, boil, acute indigestion, nosebleed, toothache, etc.
*"Universal Antidote to Poisoning" for any type of poison, plus specific antidote schedule for identifiable toxin.
*Arthritis Warning Signs—and a doctor's proven home cure. Reduces pain.
*"Body-Mind Relaxation Steps"—shows you how to attain relaxation without unusual effort or will power.
*Basic Principles for Reducing Weight: the Metabolic Correction technique works!
*A sex researcher tells us what sexual behavior he believes has enormous effect on many male health problems—and a report says it "could save a million lives." The story may be by some groups X-rated but we reprint it. Who knows?
*"How to Murder Your Husband/Wife" — don't do it with these ten socially acceptable methods carrying, unfortunately, no capital punishment. Read this reprinted article to insure that your children's children have grandparents!
*"Dry Skin Beating Lotion Formula" cures aggravation of dry skin. A proven recipe using 4 of nature's skin-healing ingredients; includes kelp and goldenseal.
*"Naturally Curing Stomach Ulcers" —the ultimate, easy, non-surgical method.
*Faceometrics—facial isometrics designed to help you maintain a youthful neck, a well-defined jaw line, smooth bag-free eyes, and firmer cheeks. Superior to face massage — and you do it yourself.
*From Roumania: Dr. Ana Asian's Anti-Aging Drug — the combined therapy of Gerovital H3 and placenta — the Gerovital story reprinted from McCall's Monthly Newsletter for Women.
*The Powers of Honey, Mustard Seed, Lactic Acid Ferments, and a Vegetable Juice — and how they are associated with continuous rejuvenation.
*Sample of a naturopathic practitioner's treatment record — reprint of advice to a young man with nerve condition.
*"Elimination the Natural Way"—essential to long-term wellbeing!
*Plus more items to assist you in self-control of your health, and longevity!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author has researched the field of natural self-help health for seven years and practiced self-help health methods. Book credits include The Vitamin Guide (London, 1972), Natural Living Book (1974), Naturopathic Formulary (1977) and numerous pamphlets ("Arthritis Treatments", \"Rejuvenation Newsletter", "Herb Codes", etc). Over the past four years, the author has compiled data on nature cures and natural healing, rejuvenation techniques and practices, discoveries in nutrition and diet therapy, practices of natural cosmetology, and related subjects. 21st Century contains the essentials from those notes.

 The 21st Century Do-It-Yourself Health Control Manual 

Disclaimer - Material in this book obtained from many sources and no responsibility assumed for reporting it.

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